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USA TODAY® Crosswords app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 4680 ratings )
Games Entertainment Word
Developer: Andrews McMeel Universal, Inc.
Current version: 1.6, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 04 Sep 2008
App size: 1.14 Mb

Two for one value: The crossword puzzle from Americas #1 newspaper PLUS fast play Quick Cross. Play on the run, in the air, or just killing time.   The intuitive and easy-to-use interface makes solving your favorite puzzles easier than ever before!

Daily Crossword is the same 15x15 puzzle featured in USA TODAY®, Americas #1 newspaper. New puzzles automatically download daily or search archives and download from hundreds of puzzles.

Quick Cross is a fast action 8-clue crossword puzzle in a 4x4 grid that plays ACROSS and DOWN at the same time.  Every answer is a four-letter word, acronym, name, prefix or abbreviation.

Puzzles get more challenging as the week progresses. Track your scores, beat your best times, and engage your word power.

* Solve the same puzzles that appear in USA TODAY®
* Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
* Tilt Daily Crossword screen sideways to display clues in the right or left margin
* Track your progress with organized list views that organize puzzles by date or when you last played them
* Track your Quick Cross scores and keep track of the number of moves it takes to complete the puzzle
* Solve Quick Cross puzzles in less than 90 seconds, ideal for quick bursts of fun
* Sort, read and solve puzzle clues while keeping your eyes on the grid
* Access to networked calendar archives with hundreds of puzzles save and play puzzles offline
* Beautiful, uncluttered layout with letter and full word hints as well as word and puzzle solver features

Pros and cons of USA TODAY® Crosswords app for iPhone and iPad

USA TODAY® Crosswords app good for

Great puzzle game till 3.0. Only way back to puzzle list after completing a puzzle is to rotate to landscape mode and back. Happens after autolock as well. Stay away from quickcross on 3.0! Same issue but theres no landscape mode, so game is dead after completing one quick cross puzzle. Updated: Ive changed my review to 5 stars from 3 since its been updated for 3.0. I play this almost everyday and would recommend to others.
Was entertaining and worked great until I installed iPhone 3.0. Now its bugged and wont let me get back to the puzzle selection screen after finishing a crossword. Their website isnt helpful at all for support information. My only solution for now is to re-download the app every time I want to start a new puzzle. Edit: upped rating because a 3.0 version has been released. Works better than the 2.0 version did.
Bought the app for $4.99 in 2011 and Ive gotten my moneys worth. Unfortunately it has become increasingly buggy with each major iOS update which is probably why its free now. Hope it gets fixed, Id pay again.

Some bad moments

No support response to requests for help. Cannot download Friday puzzle even on following Tuesday. Of course the Friday puzzle is the only challenging one. Dissapointed! Bob Daye Plays OK otherwise
Calendar view shuts down the app so I cant download new puzzles anymore. What gives????
Was working fine till recent update keeps crashing , liked this app until recent if this isnt fixed soon Im ginba have to find a replacement as I miss my crossworda
App shuts down when going to Calendar to download puzzles. Not much good if you cant get any puzzles... UPDATE - new OS4 tested version works great! Awesome crossword game again...
Needs an update for iPhone 6. No problem for years, now it freezes up. Does anyone bother to read these reviews? The app designers certainly dont.
It is unbelievably disappointing how long this app hasnt been seen to. It used to be a great way to exercise the brain and pass time, but now?! A total dud. All aforementioned glitches and problems have happened on mine as well. Calling out to the creators of this app! Please make it awesome again!